After running the Build the Circle program for a year, we are already seeing ways to make the program better and stronger, and we are meeting new Partners all the time who are in alignment with the program’s goals. We believe wholeheartedly in making sure that our actions and commitments are measurable, so we can keep ourselves accountable to forward motion. It is a dream, and a long term goal of the program to eventually build a system of metrics that will enable us to communicate to the world just how committed to a better construction industry our Partner companies are. For now, as a first step toward this process, we are implementing the Build the Circle Pledge.

New joining members in 2022 will be required to maintain at least one contact at their company who has agreed to the Pledge. We know that right now, this doesn’t amount to a lot of actionable items – it’s more about establishing a deeper understanding of what the program is (and what it isn’t!) It’s really exciting to see the program grow, and we can’t wait to see what the future will bring for the Circle, our growing family of grads, and the industry as a whole!