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Working in Control:

Efficiency Series

Our original training series is designed to change the way you think about your time, your choices, and taking back control in an ever more complicated and noisy world.

Each course builds on the one before to improve your efficiency, email management, information management, and team communication in the 21st century.

Course 1 - On Point Time Management

Reclaim 10 Hours of Your Life Every Week

Course Description:

This session is designed to GIVE YOU 10 hours of your life back, every week. We start at the start with learning fundamental time management skills that aren't taught in school and use these new tools to free up time and make every minute count.


• Increase Efficiency
• Develop Prioritization Skills
• Improve Delegation Clarity
• Increase Team Morale

Course Information:

Duration: Five Hours

Target Audience: Anyone responsible for how they spend their time

What to Bring: An open mind and a willing attitude

'I really enjoyed all of it! The instructors were awesome, kept my attention, exactly what I needed!'

Course 2 - Smart Search Outlook Training

End your ‘Doing E-mail’ Career

Course Description:

This session is created to provide a concrete email and information management strategy using MS Outlook as the focus.

Using our simple to learn tools, you can make 'Inbox Zero' a reality in a matter of hours. Make Outlook work for you instead of working for Outlook!

'I think everyone should be required to take this course.

This quick and efficient means of managing my inbox has made a significant improvement in my time management, and I have been using Outlook for 20 YEARS!'


• Reduce Wasted Time
• Manage Email Effectively
• Decrease Distraction at Work
• Clarify Communication
• Improve Work/Life Balance

Course Information:

Duration: Five Hours

Target Audience: Outlook Desktop Users

What to Bring: PC with MC Outlook 2016 or newer (mouse recommended!)

Course 3 - OneNote and the Connected Office

Remove Barriers to Information for Improved Collaboration

Course Description:

This session is designed to wake up the construction world to a collaborative approach to information management. Using MS OneNote, we quickly develop skills to communicate up to date information to every team member on our own schedule. Sync up!


• Eliminate Data Silos
• Improve Team Communication
• Reduce Mistakes & Rework
• Decrease Interruptions
• Increase Tribal Knowledge

Course Information:

Duration: Five Hours

Target Audience: Team members who need better access to information

What to Bring: PC with MC OneNote 2016 Desktop Version (mouse recommended)

'This training session was perfect for my style of learning. Interactive and not long and drug out. Jason and Mary did a great job working off each other in the presentation.'

Course 4 - Leading Strong Meetings

Make Every Meeting Fun, Make Every Meeting Matter

Course Description:

The final session in the Working In Control Series builds upon all previous courses to share the secrets of harnessing the power of your team in creative and fun ways that will improve your collective productivity. Gone are the days of boring meetings; introducing Leading Strong Meetings!
'I loved all the collaboration with our team! It was great having everyone engaged and participating in this workshop. Delegating the presentation to our team members was a fun way to be involved.

The 'Look Behind the Curtain' aspect helped us see how effective your teachings have been to our company.'


• Clarify Meeting Objectives
• Reduce Wasted Time
• Increase Team Productivity
• Improve Accountability
• Gamify Team Objectives

Course Information:

Duration: Four Hours

Target Audience: Team members who regularly lead or participate in meetings

What to Bring: A good sense of humor!

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