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Does Your Project Team Need a Hero?

Master the Rules of the Game

Project Manager Basic Training

Understanding the construction process is only the first step of being a rockstar project manager. Successful industry leaders will tell you that construction is like a game, with rules (both spoken and unspoken,) roles, win conditions and elements of luck and strategy across the board. In just 8 weeks of intensive training, we’ll focus on understanding all of the important aspects of the game, helping your project management team to bring a new level of control to every project they touch.

This program bookends with our successful Foreman Basic Training, addressing the same project life cycle from an entirely different perspective. Companies who send participants to both sessions will gain the additional benefit of helping field and office leaders to speak the same language, breaking down the silos that can be destructive to team morale as well as profit.

This program is designed to guide project managers to mastery in each of three essential areas:

  • Leadership
  • The Rules of the Construction Game
  • The ‘TILT’ Approach to Risk Management


Project Managers are often possessed of a natural ability to motivate and direct teams. However, construction is a complex and often high-stress environment, and even the strongest intuitive leaders are often put to the test. By putting some theory and language to important leadership concepts, we can your leaders the tools to navigate even the toughest scenarios with team morale and productivity intact!

Weekly Topics Include:

  • Understanding Your Role
  • Building Your Team
  • Managing Relationships & Jobsite Culture
  • Successful Communication
  • Conflict and Proactive Problem Solving
  • Building Your Own Solutions
  • Leadership Skills
  • Learning From Industry Leaders

Special Focus

How to Build and Protect Your Team

Be the Leader Your Project Deserves!

Special Focus

Understand the Critical Elements of Construction

Reimagine the Strategy of Your Projects!

The Construction Game

Understanding how to run a construction project is like understanding a challenging and complex game. The vast majority of conflict in the industry is a result of two parties who have different ideas about the rules of the game. By focusing on a mock project that we study throughout the course, we teach project managers to keep a sharp understanding of all of the critical factors at their fingertips, reducing conflict and wasted energy and keeping projects running smoothly.

Weekly Topics Include:

  • Roles
  • Elements of Conflict
  • Strategy vs. Luck
  • Objectives
  • Limits
  • Unique Victory and Forfeit Conditions
  • Terms of the Game
  • Input Resources
  • Operating Procedures
  • Negotiator Mindset


TILT Risk Management

At Arcade, we often tell project management teams, “You’re not a Project Manager – you’re a Risk Manager.” In fact, the single most critical element of a Project Manager’s work is in understanding and managing risk of all kinds. Throughout the course, we focus on how to recognize, quantify and capture, and most importantly, how to manage and minimize risk on construction projects using our revolutionary ‘TILT’ Risk Management Process. As we work through our mock projects, students receive a ‘curveball’ every week, requiring them to run through the TILT process to capture and manage risk in several forms.

The TILT Process Includes:

  • Tactical Recon – Defining every element of the risk, from affected parties through company process and a 360 degree ‘Game Analysis’ of the given risk factor.
  • Identify Metrics – We’ll learn how to understand the numbers that are attached to every potential risk.
  • Lay the Groundwork – We’ll work on how to build and work a plan to minimize risks, track those risks over time, and steps to prevent that risk on future projects
  • Take Action – Finally, we’ll work on how to use regular reporting and our Risk Log to make sure that we are managing risks at every step in the process, not just when we first recognize them.

Special Focus

Learn How to Flag, Manage and Communicate Risks!

Risk is Just an Expensive Substitute for Information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about the program?
What is the time commitment of the program?
The program includes 60+ hours of instruction over an 8-week period. We have several different scheduling options based on what works best for your team!
Is There Homework?
The majority of work is performed in session. However, we do provide a weekly educational podcast as a supplement to the topics covered every week. This is intended to be easy to enjoy during travel hours and “safe for work.”
Where is the Program Held?
While we can provide this program at your facility, we prefer to offer it in our West Seattle training facility (which includes coffee, drinks & snacks, and ample free parking!)
What are the Computer Requirements of the Program? (Hardware/Software)
Each attendee is required to bring an up-to-date PC (Generally speaking, if it runs Windows 10, you should be fine.). Software costs are included in the program fee. Arcade can provide training laptops for an additional fee.
What are the Program Prerequisites?
Attendees must WANT to participate in the program and be able to commit to attendance for the duration.
What if I Have MORE Questions?
You can always reach out to us! We’re here to help. Come in for a tour of our training space, have an espresso and let’s chat!
Sarah Lawrence
Assistant Project Manager

“Arcade can help improve your career. The workshops aren’t just another college course! Arcade offers so much value and is so unique offering specific tools for our industry. I am 100% a co-conspirator for you guys!”

Kevin Ward
Project Manager

“If you want to further your career with a positive outlook, all of Arcade’s programs teach prioritizing your life at home and at work. This will help you free up time for your family and passions in your life.

Arcade Wayfinding is the organizing tool to reach for!”

Jeremy Ice
Project Manager

“When we would play the games in class, it wasn’t just a filler. It was purpose driven. There was a reason for the game. It was fun, then we were also learning a skill at the same time, so I thought that was pretty cool.”

Gerrit Sebree
Project Manager

“Arcade has created something very special. I love the feeling of failing in a controlled environment – really hits home!”

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