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Jetpack Leadership Cohort

Jetpack Leadership Cohort is our answer to the age-old question: how do you teach leadership?

Our answer is that you teach leadership by focusing on values, the glue that holds any organization together, which is why we build our Seven Values of Leadership model.

Secondly, leaders need a safe place to discuss new ideas, to get feedback on challenges that they are facing, which is why we added the peer group component to the group.

Finally, leaders need to have a strong network of good, talented people – other leaders they can turn to when they are looking for support or feedback.

The Jetpack Leadership Cohort is built on these principals. We meet once a month, for a period of 12 months, and at the end of the year, participants leave with valuable knowledge, practical skills and connections to the other leaders in the group that will last a lifetime.

Leadership Values Showcase

Over the course of the program, each member chooses one value for their own leadership showcase. Each month, we’ll focus on one value and run a short team activity with that leader’s team and share the results here!

How it Works

Personality Assessment

The series kicks off with a full-scale assessment of each member's personality qualities, generating a roadmap that will guide participants from month to month as they progress through the program.

Book Club

Every month we'll read optional titles that relate to the month's themes. By reading fictional books at the same time, we gain access to a context we don't otherwise have, making it easier to discuss leadership issues and challenges with examples that everyone in the room can grasp.

Workshop Content

The first half of each session is an active group workshop, teaching themes from the Seven Values of Leadership and putting them into practice in real time.

Peer Group

The second half of each session is a focused peer group, where members bring challenges from their day-to-day workload and work with others to hone their problem solving skill-set.

Valuable Connections

Throughout the year, members build and strengthen valuable connections with up-and-coming industry leaders, granting them a network that will help them solve problems throughout their careers.

One-on-One Coaching

Members of the Cohort also receive dedicated one on one time with Arcade to discuss their progress and their plans, cement the concepts that they are learning, and strategize about complex issues in their day-to-day work.

Jetpack Cohort 2020

Look out for these amazing leaders!

Meet the FIRST Jetpack Leadership Cohort! This group consists of company owners, leaders, and executives from different trades and walks of life and creates an energy all their own!

Over the next few months, we’ll be sharing some key elements of our work together as we explore the Seven Values of Leadership and bring these lessons to their teams.

Stay tuned to learn more about benefits of joining an industry specific cohort like Jetpack 2020. Watch for it!

Are you Jetpack Material?

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