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Building Opportunities for Field Leadership

Foreman Basic Training

This ground-breaking new program is intended to erase the “sink-or-swim” approach to training field leaders in the industry. In just 8 weeks of intensive training, we’ll cover all the basics, so that new field leaders can hit the ground running and seasoned veterans can learn a few new tricks!

This program is designed to provide REAL skills and knowledge in each of three essential areas:

  • Leadership
  • Practical Skills
  • Software & Technology


Most foremen are promoted because they are strong producers and then find they need an entirely different set of tools to be successful in their new role. Leadership is the most important tool to leading the field. Let’s get started!

Weekly Topics Include:

  • Understanding Your Role
  • Building Your Team
  • Managing Relationships & Jobsite Culture
  • Successful Communication
  • Conflict and Proactive Problem Solving
  • Building Your Own Solutions
  • Leadership Skills
  • Learning From Industry Leaders

Special Focus

Managing the Shift from Peer to Leader!

Teach Others The Way You Wish You Were Taught!

Special Focus

How and Why to Account for Time Spent on the Job

Measure Twice and Cut Once; Applied.

Practical Skills

Construction is a vastly complex industry with its own rules, language, and etiquette. This program places a special focus in teaching the practical skills that can take decades to acquire by trial and error. We provide a clean program of best practices that will provide a strong start for any field career.

Weekly Topics Include:

  • Reading & Interpreting Drawings and Specs
  • Understanding Construction Documents (RFIs & Submittals)
  • Scheduling Concepts & Digital Scheduling Practice
  • Successful Project Mobilization & Kickoff
  • BIM with Augmented Reality Demonstration
  • Project Tracking – Running Profitable Projects
  • Running Strong Meetings & Team Tasking
  • Project Closeout & Debrief

Software & Technology

The construction industry is just now joining the technology wave and is forever changing the way we build projects. During this 8 week program, field leaders will be challenged to learn many new cutting edge software platforms that are used on most construction projects today. Time to level up!

Weekly Topics Include:

  • Bluebeam Revu
  • PlanGrid
  • MSProject Online
  • Microsoft OneNote
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Autodesk Viewer
  • Microsoft PowerPoint

Special Focus

Attendees Will Learn 'How to Learn' New Software!

The Future of Construction is Now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about the program?
What is the time commitment of the program?
The program includes 60+ hours of instruction over an 8-week period. We have several different scheduling options based on what works best for your team!
Is There Homework?
The majority of work is performed in session. However, we do provide a weekly educational podcast as a supplement to the topics covered every week. This is intended to be easy to enjoy during travel hours and “safe for work.”
Where is the Program Held?
While we can provide this program at your facility, we prefer to offer it in our West Seattle training facility (which includes, coffee, drinks & snacks, and ample free parking!)
What are the Computer Requirements of the Program? (Hardware/Software)
Each attendee is required to bring an up-to-date PC (Generally speaking, if it runs Windows 10, you should be fine.). Software costs are included in the program fee. Arcade can provide training laptops for an additional fee.
What are the Program Prerequisites?
Attendees must WANT to participate in the program and be able to commit to attendance for the duration.
What if I'm not Good with Computers?
This program has a heavy technological focus, as is required for the foremen of the future. All attendees will take a short computer skills assessment prior to starting the program. Participants that require a basic skills boost will be required to take an online introduction to computers course prior to starting the program (No additional fee).
What are Next Steps After Completing the Program?
As part of the program, each attendee will be required to participate in 120 hours of job shadowing in their workplace. Arcade will provide helpful guides to facilitate this continued learning for the attendee and their direct supervisor.
What if I Have MORE Questions?
You can always reach out to us! We’re here to help. Come in for a tour of our training space, have an espresso and let’s chat!

Contact us today!

Do you have team members who are ready to boost their skills and take on the challenge of leadership? Let Arcade help!
Francisco Villa

“I’m not even playing at how much this class has helped. Every single thing we’ve seen in this class is related to my job and to my life. 

My confidence has gone up, it’s better all the way around. If it was up to my feedback, my whole company should be here!”

Rudy Smith

“Before attending classes at Arcade, I worked extremely long hours, under high levels of stress just trying to make it through… I used to always bring my work home with me.

These classes gave me the skills, knowledge, and strength to overcome those challenges. I now work 10-15 hours less per week and my family and I are extremely grateful!

Thank you Arcade Team!”

Jesse Mulliken

“Arcade finds unique ways to teach USEFUL tools that benefit you personally and professionally.

I gained CONFIDENCE in my ability to run a productive meeting and manage my time.

If you’re looking to fine tune your knowledge and craft, Arcade Wayfinding will DELIVER results!”

Cody “Kodiak” Coburn

“Jason & Mary’s way of teaching —>EXCITE their audience and instill a love of learning.

These two are “BADASS” and are a force to be reckoned with!

You definitely walk away with an in-depth understanding of construction.”