Have a Blast at Company Retreats & Events!

Event Facilitation for the 21st Century

Whether your team has decades of planning experience and you’re looking to get out of a rut, or you’ve never held a planning retreat, Arcade can bring a new and fresh approach to your organizational challenges.

We approach every engagement as a custom event that is hand-built to bring the best out of your team. Arcade events are exciting and full of rewarding work that will leave your team with a changed perspective on how to solve real problems with different thinking. We’d love to meet you!

Facilitation is WORK!

Your time is important, your input is priceless, and your team needs you! Arcade takes the weight of running the retreat off your shoulders so you can focus on participating in the event. We've got your back!

Refresh Your Approach

Like any routine, planning retreats can quickly feel lackluster and ineffective. Arcade brings a unique approach to company events and a proven outside perspective and new techniques to supercharge your productivity.

Retreats Should Be Fun AND Productive!

We are at our best when we're laughing and having fun. Every retreat is crafted to keep people awake and ensure full engagement. At Arcade we believe that 'We don't grow up, we just get bigger.' We bring this energy to our events every time!

Capture the Outcome

Every Arcade retreat includes a consolidated action item report at the end of the session. You no longer need to ask 'What did we talk about?' We also offer quarterly follow up sessions to hold teams accountable and ensure forward motion.

And there's more!

Team Building Events for Everyone!

If you’re just looking to bring a new team together or improve morale, Arcade has endless options that will help! From VR Team Building, Murder Mystery Events, or “Take Your Kids to Work Day” events, we bring our creative energy to our clients every day. Please let us know if you’re looking for something special. We’re here to help!

Get in Touch Today!

Whether you’re looking for help with your next planning retreat or company event, or you’re looking to come spend an afternoon playing VR at the Arcade offices with your team, get in touch and let’s talk about how we can help!