Not Sure What To Do Next?

You’re Not Alone!
Well. That happened fast. Unless you are visiting this site from the far distant future, when the coronavirus quarantine is just a clorox-scented memory, then you know what I'm talking about.

One minute, we were hearing about an emergency in another country altogether, the next minute we hear about a case in Seattle, and before we all knew it, the world changed.

Everyone has their own feelings about what we, as a city, as a nation, as an industry should do next. Everyone has their own fears and concerns. On the one hand, we have a whole ecosystem of local businesses who are floundering amidst quarantine, on the other hand, we all love someone, know someone (maybe *are* someone) at high risk for complications who we want to protect from contracting COVID-19.

Many of us are working from home. Where some of us have kids who are also cooped up in spaces that once seemed spacious, but now seem definitely much too crowded. Some of us have spouses who suddenly listen to the wrong kind of music too loud in their headphones and leave their socks in the middle of our work area.

Others are working at work. We can't afford to stay home, or we are really needed at work. We hope we don't get sick. Or maybe we aren't really worried about getting sick at all, but we hope that we still have a job tomorrow, a home, a car.

Meet The Weekly Remote Business Forum

What You Get

Essential Updates

With the world changing, sometimes every 15 minutes, it's hard to keep up, and there's a lot of reading to do. The hope is that, by bringing everyone together, in video format, we can actually talk about the latest, and keep each other up to date on the most important new details.

Exchange of Ideas

You have questions. You have ideas. This forum is a place where you can bounce ideas off of other people, share strategies, give others the benefit of your experience and gain from the synergy of a group of peers, all working together to solve the same problems.

Social Outlet

We all have work to do, and it's important work. Still, don't underestimate the fact that we're all still humans, with fears and concerns and we are all carrying a heavy burden right now. Once a week, it can do an enormous amount of good to just take a few minutes, connect with others who are carrying a similar burden and be reminded that we're all in this together.

We're In This Together

Join Us!

You and everyone you know are somewhere in this boat. I know this because we are all in this boat. We are here together, and regardless of which concerns you are carrying with you to bed every night, and how different they might be from the ones that whisper in my ear, we are only going to get to the other side of this by sticking together.

We are an industry, a community. We trade money, goods and services. But we also rely, every day, even in the non-COVID world, on relationships, on connections, on the network that ties us all together as we all show up to build this city, to keep it running.

And in quarantine, we stop seeing one another - just when we need each other the most.

So, to keep us together, where we belong, Arcade is partnering with ABC of Western Washington to bring a new resource to the community, in these strange, new times - The Weekly Remote Business Forum.

The Forum is a way to bring familiar faces to your computer screen, to bring you information and ideas when you most need them, to give you a forum to bounce strategies off of others who are in similar straits, but perhaps most of all, to connect you to others who are going through some of the same tough decisions, the same 3 am concerns, and living in the same challenged, quarantined world as you.

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