Basic Training Referral Plan

Thanks for helping us get the word out!

Arcade is and always has been a word of mouth company. Simply put, we are able to keep helping more people get a handle on construction because the people who come through our programs reach out to others and recommend our training.

To recognize the value of this practice, we decided to implement our Basic Training Referral Program.

We Appreciate Your Participation!

The best evidence of the value of our training is in the words of the students who we have taught. We have been so grateful for the testimonials, survey ratings and social media shoutouts that our students have provided to help us get the word out. Our referral program is just one way for us to say a special thank you to our grads who help us reach the up and coming shining stars of the industry!

Refer a New Student

If you are a graduate of our Foreman Basic Training, and you refer a new student who signs up for the program, we’ll give you a Foreman Basic Carhartt Jacket.

For Arcade Superfans who refer more than one new student to the program, get in touch with us to talk about Advanced Referral Rewards!

All you have to do is fill out one of the Referral Coupons in your graduation packet for each person you’d like to refer, and give it to them!

Thank you for helping us to reach out to other students who can benefit from the Foreman Basic Training program! We appreciate you!

For Referred Students

If you are a new student of our Foreman Basic Training, and you signed up for the program on a previous student’s recommendation, we’ll give you a Foreman Basic Flexifit Baseball Cap.

Foreman Basic Grads receive Referral Coupons in their Graduation Packet. All you have to do is give us that coupon!

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