“Arcade can help improve your career. The workshops aren’t just another college course! Arcade offers so much value and is so unique offering specific tools for our industry. I am 100% a co-conspirator for you guys!”

Sarah LawrenceAssistant Project Manager

“As a Training Program Manager for a local association, I wanted to find a more formal means of training our current and future Foremen. After extensive research, I reached out to Arcade Wayfinding.

Arcade had the best combination of field experience, training programs, and passionate, knowledgeable instructors required to capture the imagination of the next generation of Foremen.

I was extremely pleased with the overwhelming amount of positive feedback we received from our member employers and employees! I highly recommend the Foreman Basic Training program for all current and new Foremen!!”

Jason W. JonesTraining Program Manager - Seattle Trade Association

“Foreman Basic Training makes me so excited for the future of the construction industry. Watching the graduates speak proudly about the practical and inclusive leadership skills they learned, it was clear just how excited they were to share their new knowledge with their crews. Their newly ignited passion alone makes the program’s investment worthwhile to a company, but, as a superintendent, I can’t help but hope to eventually cross paths with the graduates again. I know they will be productive leaders who set a high example for all the crews on that jobsite.”

Kabri Lehrman-SchmidSuperintendent, Hensel Phelps

Foreman Basic Training is a must have course for our future leaders. Arcade Wayfinding has assembled the perfect blend of technical and soft skills that captures the participants’ interest through relevant examples, hands on work sessions and excellent delivery. Jason and Mary Sturgeon continue to set the bar through their delivery of meaningful content.

John SchimkeDirector of Field Operations, GLY Construction

“I’m not even playing at how much this class has helped. Every single thing we’ve seen in this class is related to my job and to my life. 

My confidence has gone up, it’s better all the way around. If it was up to my feedback, my whole company should be here!”

Francisco VillaForeman

“If you want to further your career with a positive outlook, all of Arcade’s programs teach prioritizing your life at home and at work. This will help you free up time for your family and passions in your life.

Arcade Wayfinding is the organizing tool to reach for!”

Kevin WardProject Manager

“When we would play the games in class, it wasn’t just a filler. It was purpose driven. There was a reason for the game. It was fun, then we were also learning a skill at the same time, so I thought that was pretty cool.”

Jeremy IceProject Manager

“Arcade has created something very special. I love the feeling of failing in a controlled environment – really hits home!”

Gerrit SebreeProject Manager

“Before attending classes at Arcade, I worked extremely long hours, under high levels of stress just trying to make it through… I used to always bring my work home with me.

These classes gave me the skills, knowledge, and strength to overcome those challenges. I now work 10-15 hours less per week and my family and I are extremely grateful!

Thank you Arcade Team!”

Rudy SmithForeman

“Arcade finds unique ways to teach USEFUL tools that benefit you personally and professionally.

I gained CONFIDENCE in my ability to run a productive meeting and manage my time.

If you’re looking to fine tune your knowledge and craft, Arcade Wayfinding will DELIVER results!”

Jesse MullikenSuperintendent