Mary Sturgeon

principal wayfinder


Mary Sturgeon started her career in Information Technology and Software Development before her children were born. After a few years of raising babies, she pivoted to a focus in education, especially in teaching technology and code to groups of varying ages and experience levels, working with a nonprofit education group, the City of Seattle, and serving on various boards with an education cooperative organization.

At Home

In her personal life, Mary can usually be found playing whichever video game is newest and loudest, on as many screens as possible, reading comics (with all iterations of Wonder Woman at the top of a long list of favorites,) and reading and writing science fiction (with three published titles that she occasionally ventures out into the world to promote.) She’s also the proud mother of a burgeoning engineer (ask about the features of our office designed and 3-d printed by the youngest member of clan Sturgeon!) and a talented graphic artist who is (at the moment) an aspiring U.S. Senator with her eyes set on changing the world.


Coding Skill


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