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The Remote Weekly Business Forum is getting a new format!

We've all been learning a thing or two about adapting in recent weeks! When we started the forum, we needed to get expert advice out to the industry, quickly, and through holding topic-specific sessions with appropriate experts at every session, we did that. However, as we all work on figuring out this 'new normal' - what we all need is a sounding board.

So, we're unveiling Builder Chat - a new format for our weekly sessions.

Meet Builder Chat!

What Is Builder Chat?

Essential Updates

With the world changing, sometimes every 15 minutes, it's hard to keep up, and there's a lot of reading to do. The hope is that, by bringing everyone together, in video format, we can actually talk about the latest, and keep each other up to date on the most important new details.

Exchange of Ideas

You have questions. You have ideas. This forum is a place where you can bounce ideas off of other people, share strategies, give others the benefit of your experience and gain from the synergy of a group of peers, all working together to solve the same problems.

Social Outlet

We all have work to do, and it's important work. Still, don't underestimate the fact that we're all still humans, with fears and concerns and we are all carrying a heavy burden right now. Once a week, it can do an enormous amount of good to just take a few minutes, connect with others who are carrying a similar burden and be reminded that we're all in this together.

We're In This Together

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How is it different?

No more weekly topics - we'll still hear from familiar experts, when it's convenient for them to attend, or when expert advice is needed but every session is for anything you want to share or need to know!

Peer-group interaction instead of an expert panel format - Builder Chat is all about you. What are you seeing? What is working and what isn't? When we were all trying to decode disaster assistance paperwork, we needed to hear from the experts, but as we figure out how to run our industry in a changed world, we need each other.

What hasn't changed?

Builder Chat is still moderated by Jason and Mary Sturgeon of Arcade Wayfinding.

Builder Chat is still running from the same ongoing list of registrations, so if you were on the list for Remote Weekly Business Forum sessions, you'll still get invites for Builder Chat. If you aren't on the list yet, sign up on the ABC website or by e-mailing Janessa@abcwestwa.org!

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