What Is Build the Circle?

Building a Stronger Industry through Expanding the Talent Circle

Bringing More Voices Into Construction’s Inner Circle

When we were building our groundbreaking Foreman Basic Training series, we immediately started asking the question, “How can we use this program to help level the playing field for more of the voices that we need to see in the construction industry?”

Solving this problem is not just the right thing to do, it has the potential to make the entire construction industry stronger, safer, more innovative and better for everyone. Study after study has proven that by bringing people who think differently, grew up differently, even look different into teams together makes for stronger teams, better problem solving, and at the end of the day, better bottom lines too.

We talked to a lot of people and thought long and hard about how to be an active part of the solution, and this program is the answer we developed. We are excited to celebrate the first anniversary of the Build The Circle Basic Training Scholarship program!

What We're Working To Build

Build The Circle’s Core Directives

The program is guided by 3 Core Directives. These Directives help guide the shape of the program and the decisions we make, however, these directives aren’t meant to be restrictive or exclusive – that means that we will always work to help *anyone* who is underrepresented in the industry, but the following three Core Directives guide the program overall.

  • We need more Black voices in construction.


  • We need more women in field and leadership roles in the construction industry.


  • There are many Hispanic voices in construction. However, we need to see more Hispanic people (especially English Second Language speakers) stepping up into the leadership roles that they have earned but often not been prepared for.


Where We're Heading

Build The Circle’s Outcomes

If the Directives are like a compass, guiding the decisions we make in choosing recipients and building on the program, the Outcomes help to define our Destination. Build the Circle’s Outcomes define what we intend the program to actually *do* for the industry and for the scholarship recipients. Our Core Outcomes are:

  • Level the Playing Field for Those Who Often Start ‘Behind the Starting Line’ By Offering No-Cost Access to Training


  • Recruit and Promote Different Voices By Supporting New Industry Entrants and Workers Who Might Otherwise Be Passed Over for Promotion


  • Start Building a Circle of Industry Connections for Students through Course Cohorts and Company Introductions

How Does it Work?

Partner Companies

Partner Companies participate by sponsoring a student to attend either Foreman Basic Training or PM Basic Training. Arcade will partner with you by contributing to each scholarship granted.

We work with our network of Community Contacts to find and interview talented applicants who fit the program criteria. You can have as much or as little input in the selection process of the student you sponsor (many partner companies like to interview potential recipients to put a very personal spin on the whole process!)

Being part of the circle involves more than just sponsoring a student, however – it’s a commitment to help us change the face of the construction industry. In our efforts to move toward a meaningful way to measure participation in the Circle, we are rolling out a new element of the program – the Build the Circle Pledge.

Be a Community Contact

Help Us Reach The Next Generation of Construction Leaders

Community Contacts are our industry connectors. If you are part of an organization that reaches out to underrepresented groups in any way, or part of a technical education institution, or just have a great recommendation, let’s talk! All it takes to be a Community Contact is to recommend dedicated and talented students for the program, with bonus points if you are willing to stay in touch with your recommended student throughout the 8 week program for feedback and conversation.

Come help us change the face of the industry!

How Does it Work?


To apply for the program, you’ll need to meet the following requirements:

• Explain how and why you identify with a group that is typically underrepresented in the construction industry

• Have a Community Contact refer you to Arcade. (If you don’t know someone who is already on the approved Community Contact list, reach out to us directly and we’ll work to find a common reference!)

• Fill out an application

• Have some industry experience and are actively looking to promote into a leadership role

• Be willing to commit to 100% attendance for the program!

Meeting with your sponsor company at the end of the program to learn more about the industry or your ideal role is not required, but we highly recommend you are willing to make the connection!

Supporting Companies

We want to thank the following companies for supporting Build the Circle in various ways, from providing funding as Partners through helping identify rockstar applicants as Community Contacts, or working to help us make the program work in various other ways. We appreciate you all!

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about the program?
Tell me more about the Basic Training Programs
Our ground breaking 8-week programs are intended to provide a solid foundation for your career in field or office leadership positions. While many of the concepts are simple, most folks in the industry have never been properly trained on making the most of their available toolbox. You can learn more about Foreman Basic Training here, and Project Manager Basic Training here!
Where can I sign up to Sponsor a Student?
You can always get in touch with us via e-mail, social media or telephone here. We’d be happy to sit down and chat about it over coffee at our West Seattle office. Also, watch this space for sign-up links, coming soon!
How can I become an approved Community Contact?
At Arcade, we’re all about making connections. If you are in a position to help connect us with great candidates for this program, or even if you are just someone in the construction industry who wants to be an active part of the solution, get in touch with us and let’s talk!
I'd like to apply for this program - how can I get started?
This program is a community effort, and we rely heavily on our Community Contacts to help connect us with students who are truly ready for the program. If you don’t know any of our Community Contacts from the listed organizations on this page, find someone in your education or career who is willing to refer you and contact us directly for details at Info@ArcadeWayfinding.com!

Contact us today!

Have questions or feedback? Want to get involved? Get in touch today and let’s talk!