Welcome to the first step in the Build the Circle application process. We know that application forms can be intimidating, but please try not to look at this form that way. Many people in the construction industry don’t love writing, and that’s okay. We’re not looking for perfect spelling or polished writing here. Until we get to the interview step, this is our only chance to get to know you. Relax, and just tell us a little more about who you are.

Please provide first name, middle initial and last name.
Please provide e-mail, phone or other preferred method of contact.
Please tell us the name of the Mentor who is referring you to the program!
Please indicate which program is best suited to your goals at this time
If you identify with any of the groups listed in our Core Directives (Black, Women, or Hispanic) you can just type Yes in this field, as we are well aware of the representation problem in the construction industry in those groups. If you are a part of another outgroup in the industry, please explain as much as you are comfortable with to help us understand your situation.
Please tell us about your current employment and how you think this training program might improve or interact with your day to day responsibilities.
We’re not looking for a resume here with dates and titles and details, just write a little about where you have been and how you got to where you are now.
We always say that you are a whole person – not just an employee or student. Tell us more about who you are – this could pertain to your family, your hobbies, your career aspirations in the distant future – anything at all that you feel is relevant. Tell us about the real you!
Full participation is important in any 8 week training program, but in the case of a scholarship, it’s especially important that you are confident that you can commit to 100% attendance. The program will meet twice a week, for four hours each session (if you’re worried about whether you can commit to specific times, check in with us at Arcade about the specific days of the week and times of your program) It’s really important that you (and your employer if relevant) can commit to be at every session!