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WAYFINDING /’wā,fīndING/ v.

1. Understanding where you are
2. Choosing where you want to be
3. Finding the Way to get there


We offer several training series to keep your teams efficient, stress low and morale high. Whether you’re looking to improve efficiency with everyday office skills and tools, delve deeper into the nuts and bolts of construction projects, or build a culture that strengthens your teams, we have you covered.

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If your business is a ship, you are the captain. The most important role of a company’s leadership is to determine the organization’s direction, and communicate that direction to your team, so that everyone is pulling in the same direction. Need a little help navigating? That’s what we’re here for!

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Project Help

Sometimes, a project in progress needs a little boost. Whether we’re providing coaching for new hires to get them up to speed or helping to keep a difficult project on the rails with full scale project coaching, Arcade has the experience with commercial construction projects to get you on track.

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Team Building

Morale is the most important asset any business can claim. Help your teams build cohesion through team building events. Whether we’re helping to plan company-wide holiday events or working with smaller targeted groups, Arcade can help you find the way to stronger teams.

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The Return of the Podcast

If you are one of our (admittedly still small) podcast audience, you may have noticed a bit of a hiatus. Between some big changes at Arcade, the holidays, and some technical difficulties, the Critical Path podcast has been on hold. I’ve also been working on a side project, a separate podcast with my daughter about […]

What is Forward Coaching?

When people ask us what we do, the simplest answer is that we solve problems. When we drill down into a little more detail, we like to call our system “Obstacles and Keys.” The basic idea is that every organization has qualities that are uniquely great. In truth, you don’t get very far in the […]

Change in the New Year

Jason and I often tell people that more than anything else, we are in the business of change, and there is no time of year when change is more in the forefront than the new year. This past week, I keep hearing the sentiment, “I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions. They never stick.” There’s nothing […]